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All About Me



This is Caio. The cutest little 3-year-old boy. He can be very sweet or

turn out to be a dictator when he doesn't get what he wants.

So, you'd better please him!



Dudu, 5, is the brains at the house together with his dad. He loves to

read everything outloud, ask the most difficult questions, play playstation 2 games.

If you want to listen to a good story, just ask Dudu!



Rodrigo is brain n. 1 at the house. He is the guy of "useless" culture. He knows

about religion, war and peace, history, planes, world politics. But don't try to

get his reply in an email. He's the last romantic! If you want to know just about

anything, Rodrigo might tell you!



Want a cup of coffee?! Just come down to Brazil (or up!) and grab one. There's always some

coffee around the house!

Well, I guess you figured out that I love my family, photography, computers, and coffee!



And here's where my temper and all my body language come from! Sicilian Genetics mixed with some Northwestern Brazilian flavor! Too intense.




I loved this wiki first try! Never had time to play with it before!



Dear Carla, i guessed you might have some Italian blood seeing your picture, moreover I have got a colleague Called Angelo Arena who's from Sicily. Good genetics I think. MT from Rome!


Such a sweet family! Vanya

Wow Carla. Your family, your blogs, your brilliant ideas...It's nice to have worked with you. Thank you so much. Ángeles

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